Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

So today is my birthday! I am 22, i'm feeling happy and optimistic about it. :) I dont have any major plans, my boyfreind is supposed to be taking me to a museum to see the Dali Exhibit. I dont know much about him (Dali), but I love looking at art work so I think it will be fun. Over the weekend, I want to have a girls night out and go somewhere like a bar or lounge. I'm not a drinker at all, but I just want to go out with my freinds and have girl talk. We'll see what happens.

I went to a shoot with the production company i'm interning with yesterday and it wasn't that great. I didn't stay that long (thank goodness) but I did a whole bunch of grunt work. I would really love to talk to someone who is in the business of film/television production and ask them about this PA business. Don't get me wrong, I am trying to be as postive as I can about it, but it's hard when I feel like i'm not learning anything. All I did was sweep...walk documents around..move this tent...get coffee...and just grunt work. The only thing that was kind of cool was that I was on set and got to see the 'real people' in their element. The producers, camera men, and everyone work together really well to get things done. I just wish I was learning more. But i'll hang in there.

As far as my acting, I spoke with the Director/producer of the film that has taken forever to get finished. He said that he's not done filming and we will be starting up soon but he's having to move. I wish that it could get done sooner, but oh well. I'll continue to look for more roles. I hope all of you are well out there!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hey Bloggers, hope all is well! This photo is another piece I made on Polyvore! The dress is Alexander McQueen and the shoes are BE&D. To see a full list of all the items used check out my profile at LivViaFashion.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I go to this workout class that is cardio mixed with strength training. Yesterday I went and I pushed myself harder and today I am completely sore! I'm glad because that means I had a great workout. In regards to my weight loss, I am becoming very focused to get the weight off! I know they say you dont have to be skinny to be in the entertainment industry, but it sure doens't hurt! I have aspirations to be on TV at some point in my life, and that means I need to look good. That is part of it. I dont want to be stick thin, but I do want to look the best I can.

I am a member of Sparkpeople, all of you people trying to loose weight should become a member of this site. It has everything you can imagine! From your own personal page, to recipes, to fitness and nutrition calculators. They also have a message board where you can meet new people! Check it out!

I got my paper back that I wrote last week and my teacher gave me an A! I was so happy, I'm not sure what my grades are going to look like this semester but i'm hoping I can get more A's then B's. We'll see.

I've been looking for more auditions but I haven't been able to find any :( I'll keep trying though. I should be going to a shoot with Radiant 3 tomorrow, but i'm not sure just yet. Hope all of you are great out there!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Need for fun!

Hey Bloggers, sorry i've been gone for a few days things have just been pretty crazy! I hope you like the picture, I actually created this! I am a member of this site called Polyvore, my cousin showed it to me and it's been my guilty pleasure. You can create these beautiful pieces of art using whatever you want, most people use fashion as their inspiration and so do I. I have decided that each time I make a blog I will post something I have made versus just an ordinary picture! In this poly I used various items, the dress is Anna Sui and the shoes are Christian Louboutin! Hope you like it. You can check out my Polyvore profile here:

I had an exam on Thursday, I'm not sure how I did but i'm hoping for the best. I did well with my eating and this week I was down .4. I'm still paying the price for my crazy weekend of eating a few weeks ago, and now I know that I dont want to do that agian. I hate going up and down with my weight, I just want to make progress and that's it.

My birthday is on thursday, my boyfreind has something planned for me but i'm not sure what it is. I like suprises though, so i'm kind of excited. But i'm also finding that I dont have that much fun in my life. Everything is about school and work. I know the kind of life I want eventually, a great job, great husband, great friends, great house. I know that nothing is perfect and that includes my life, but I want to get as close to that perfect life as I can. Because I believe I am worth it! Part of that is having fun! I need to make sure that my life is fulfilling in every way.

So I promise myself that i'm going to try and have more fun in my life! I think you all should as well!

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