Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hey Bloggers, hope all is well! This photo is another piece I made on Polyvore! The dress is Alexander McQueen and the shoes are BE&D. To see a full list of all the items used check out my profile at LivViaFashion.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I go to this workout class that is cardio mixed with strength training. Yesterday I went and I pushed myself harder and today I am completely sore! I'm glad because that means I had a great workout. In regards to my weight loss, I am becoming very focused to get the weight off! I know they say you dont have to be skinny to be in the entertainment industry, but it sure doens't hurt! I have aspirations to be on TV at some point in my life, and that means I need to look good. That is part of it. I dont want to be stick thin, but I do want to look the best I can.

I am a member of Sparkpeople, all of you people trying to loose weight should become a member of this site. It has everything you can imagine! From your own personal page, to recipes, to fitness and nutrition calculators. They also have a message board where you can meet new people! Check it out!

I got my paper back that I wrote last week and my teacher gave me an A! I was so happy, I'm not sure what my grades are going to look like this semester but i'm hoping I can get more A's then B's. We'll see.

I've been looking for more auditions but I haven't been able to find any :( I'll keep trying though. I should be going to a shoot with Radiant 3 tomorrow, but i'm not sure just yet. Hope all of you are great out there!

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