Monday, September 20, 2010

Crazy Day

Hey everyone! I'm so glad to see that I already have two followers, you guys are amazing! Today, was a very busy day. I had my Acting II class and then I had to meet with some classmates afterwards to work on a skit we have to perform on Wednesday. It's coming together really well i'm sure we will do fine.

After that, I went to meet with this production company based here in Atlanta to see if I could get some more work to add to my resume. When I first got there, I actually wanted to turn around because the building didn't look very secure. But i'm SO glad that I didn't. Turns out this company is amazing!! They are a non-profit organization that cover everything creative going on in Atlanta. They cover musicians, painters, sculpters, photographers, film producers, tv producers...anything ART.

Their building has a full recording studio, editing room with macs (final cut pro, photoshop and all), a sculpting room and even a performance room! It's awesome and I really want to be a part of them. Their name is wonderroot you can check out their promo here!

WR Promo Edit 1 from WonderRoot TV on Vimeo.

Since I am interested in singing, acting, and producing this place seems PERFECT for me. I gave them my resume and I hope to hear from them soon. Alot of the people there are students just like me so I think I should be able to help out in some way :)

I have another meeting with another company called Radiant 3 Productions on Wednesday I think. I'll have to check my e-mail to make sure. Today was very busy...but very productive day.

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