Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Very Tired tired. I am desperately trying to keep everything together so that I don't end up pulling my hair out. My schedule is very crazy but i'm trying to talke one day at a time. My boyfreind and I watched Weeds last night. It's a great show, if you guys don't watch it you should! I laugh everytime at all of the carzy situations the mother gets into. It's on Showtime :)

I took a test last thursday and I was really hoping I would going to get the results of how I did today. But... of course not. Now I have to wait in suspense for another day or so. I hope I did well, but i'm really not sure it depends on how my teacher grades. This was our first test in his class...I guess I can't stress about it anymore.

I haven't heard back from the Radiant 3 Productions yet, so i'm not sure if I have to meet with them tomorrow or not. Part of me really wants to, just to see what they can offer. But I also know that I have so many different things going on I might not want to add another.

So I was cast in this independent film over the summer called Jason Banks, and I was so excited because I have been wanting to add more things to my acting resume. I have been filming and we are almost done, but the director/producer of the film sent out an e-mail a few days ago saying that because of the rest of the cast cancelling all the time he might have to stop production. I'm concerned about that because this film was supposed to be entered in various film festivals and released on DVD.

I also haven't been looking for any auditions for other films because I have been wanting to take one project at a time. My schedule is so crazy I can't really do more the one film project. How do you other actors/actresses handle this? Do you go for other auditions even while you are working on a project? I could use some advice on this for sure. I think I am going to start searching for more auditions now, since I dont know what's goin on with this film. Other then that i'm going a mile a minute, so many different things i'm doing. But that's what makes my life exciting I guess.

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