Sunday, October 17, 2010

Disappointed I went to my "shoot" with Radiant 3 Productions on Friday..and I must say I was disappointed on so many levels. First, the independent film we are working on is still in pre-production. They don't start shooting until Tuesday. So therefore I didn't go to any shoot. My "title" is PA (production assistant) and I found out exactly what that means....

I got to their office at 10:00am and didn't leave until 8:30pm...Keep that in mind. All I did was file paperwork...make phone calls...print documents...staple, paperclip, and hole bunch said documents... answer phone calls..and send emails. It was the most boring day EVER!!! I was ready to leave by 3:00pm...I was tortured until 8:30pm. I know that I dont have much experience..and I was told I wouldn't be doing much when I started out but really?!?! Sending e-mails? For 10 hours?!?! I tried to high-tail it out of there at 3...but when I asked to leave the women said, "You do know these are 12 hour days right?"

12 hours?!?! I must be perfectly honest with you guys...I am not looking forward to paperwork for 12 hours at a time. I want to be on set! But...I'm not too good to work my way up from the bottom, and PA work is something almost everyone has to go through to get where they are trying to go in this industry. I'm willing to do the best I can so I can try and learn more and move up.

I did get stopped by the guy I interviewed with orginally and he asked me how things were going. We had a pow wow and it made me feel alot better. He said once shooting starts i'll be able to go on set and help out there. Even though of course it won't be real work, it will still probably be grunt work, I'd rather be on set doing it then in an office. Also some other things happened in our pow wow.

When I was talking to him he stopped me mid sentence and said, "Do you sing?" I smiled and yes, "Yea how did you know that?' he said, "I can tell by your speaking voice, I knew it. I want to hear you sing." So I sang for him and he said I sound really great and he asked me about what I was doing with it. He also asked me about my acting. I'm glad that he knows about my aspirations to be in front of the camera as well :) maybe I can make something happen out of it.

Also, I weighed on friday and I was 165.8!! That made me really happy because I have been jumping around from 166 to 167 and such. I'm glad to be making real progress! I'm worried about my weigh in tomorrow though, this weekend my eating has been so so, not that great not that bad. We'll see but I have a feeling i'll be up a little. Sorry this was so long I had lots to tell you!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hello Liv! Wow what a tough day... long day too.

    I hope you go far with singing, it is such a lovely talent.

    Thank you so much for following. Can 't wait to hear more from you !!!

  2. Thank you! Yeah I work hard I hope later on it pays off! I Hope you follow me too :) I'd love to see what your life is like! :)