Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feeling Better

Hey Bloggers! Hope you like my new layout, i'm feeling great today so I felt like making a change :)

So yesterday I went to an actual shoot with Wonderroot TV. They produce one episode per month for a local station and they also post them online. It consists of different segments but basically their goal is to connect the community to local artists. When I say artists, I mean ANY type...sculpters, painters, musicans, photographers... anything you can think of. Their office has a recording studio, a photography room (not sure of the technical name), a painter and scuplting room, and even a garage where muscians can perform. The place is awesome! When they complete this show that I helped out with i'll be sure to post it!

There are alot of students there too, so i'm around my peers. I think i'm going to find a way to get $10 a month so I can be a member and then I can go to the various workshops they have. I really want to get ahead of the game and learn final cut pro! I also want to learn photoshop.

I weighed yesterday and I was up..but only .2 so i'm super happy about that. To me, that means by friday I should be down from where I was last week! More progress, i'm ready for it! I've also become addicted to biggest loser and Thintervention which comes on Bravo. I've decided to kick up my workouts even more. Today, i'm going to run 3 miles! I usually just do an hour of cardio, but I think today i'm gonna step it up. I want this weight gone! 

I hope all of you are doing wonderful! Thank you so much to the 9 followers out there, you guys are amazing!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hey there Liv. Thanks for the comment. I am 20 years old now. My brother is also twenty (we are triplets) I adore him of course but we are at two very different levels of maturity. I appreciate all of your priase by the way.

    Don't worry about rough patches in relationships, sometiems some of the best times come out of the worst ones. You can;t just let things go without talking however becasue eventually they will eat and eat at your relationship until there is nothing left. Feel free to email me if you ever want to talk!!!

    Always a pleasure to heart from you .


  2. wow tons of typos woops haha

    "hear form you" not heart form you haha